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[20-November-2019] Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd. (ATDL) Appointment of New Chairman

Mr. Helge Haakonsen has resigned his position as director and chairman of Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd (ATDL). We wish to thank Helge for his significant contribution to the Company’s development over the past years and wish him all the best for the future. Mr. Erling Lind has been appointed as director and new chairman. We take this opportunity to welcome Erling to ATDL. For further information, please contact: Reese McNeel CFO Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd +47 41508186


[3-December-2019] Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd. (ATDL) Update on Merger with Energy Drilling Company news On 04 April 2019, ATDL and Energy Drilling Pte. Ltd (Energy Drilling) announced the signing of a letter of intent to merge the two companies. The decision has now been taken to postpone the merger. In the last months, both ATDL and Energy Drilling have worked hard to secure longer term financing and support for the merger. While respective shareholder and lending groups have been positive Read More

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