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[31-December-2020] ATLANTICA TENDER DRILLING LTD. (ATDL) – Financing Update

Bermuda, 31 December 2020 – Reference is made to the press release from 10 December 2020 regarding Petrobras’ notice to demobilize BassDrill Beta from the Papa Terra field. It is expected that the rig will be fully demobilized and off-hire during Q2 2021. While ATDL continues to pursue new opportunities for both of its rigs, BassDrill Beta and Atlantica Delta, there exists today a high likelihood that both rigs will be off-hire and stacked from mid 2021. Given the situation, Read More

[10-December-2020] ATLANTICA TENDER DRILLING LTD. (ATDL) – Update regarding BassDrill Beta

Bermuda, 10 December 2020, Petrobras has requested that ATDL demobilize BassDrill Beta from the P-61 TLP on the Papa Terra field. The demobilization process is expected to be completed during Q2 2021. For further information, please contact:Reese McNeelCFOAtlantica Tender Drilling Ltd.+47 415 08