Team Competence & Training

Atlantica is committed to the continuous training and competency development of our team members both in job related skills training and lifelong learning for personal development. Our team members are our greatest asset and their development is crucial to the achievement of our goals as an organization. All training practices and procedures encourage individuals to achieve these goals while meeting our company objectives.

Our training and competency development strategy is focused on creating a motivated workforce which is capable of meeting new challenges, is skilled and competent in all aspects, will meet both national and international regulatory compliance and will tie in with both our short and long-term objectives.

Through our IADC accredited Competence Management System (CMS), we strive to build and retain a competent operational workforce. The CMS enables us to uncover educational and skill gaps to formalize a clear plan for operational team member’s development and career advancement within the company.

We also recognize the need for a strong database for managing personnel information, training and competencies and have partnered with SkillsVX as our software solution.

Team Competence & Training Policy