Design: Bassoe Technology, Sweden BT 3500 TSV
Classification: ABS +A1 Column Stabilized Drlg Tender
Flag: Panama
Operational Displacement: 21,530 metric ton
Total Operational Payload: 4,500 metric ton
Main Deck Area: 3,000 m²
Pipe Rack: 735 m²
Transit Draft: 7.65 m
Survival Draft: 12.5 m
Operational Draft: 16.0 m
Ht, Baseline to Box Btm: 24.7 m
Ht, Baseline to Upper Deck: 31.2 m
Length Overall: 83.0 m
Overall Breadth: 81.5 m
Beam Outside Pontoons: 61.1 m
Length of Pontoons: 76.7 m
Beam of Pontoons: 13.7 m
Height of Pontoons: 7.8 m
Column Size: 12.35 m x 13.65 m
Diameter of Bracing: 2.0 m
Quarters Capacity: 140 Persons in 2 Bed Cabins
Helideck: Sikorsky S61N / S92N
Mooring Winches: Skagit 4 x Double Drum Traction Winch 80 mm wire +
2 x “hold back” drums for pre-laids
Anchors: none

Mast Rating: 1,300 kip Static Hook Load
Mast Capacity: 211 stands of 5-7/8” Drill Pipe/Collars
Mast Make: Boot Strap, Self Erecting (quad/treble)
Mast Height: 152 ft Clear Height (184 ft in quad mode)
Substructure: Box-on-box type
Substructure Capacity: 1,300 kip SHL + 1,270 kip setback or 988 kip under dynamic conditions
Skidding System: Lift & Roll Systems, X-Y direction
Drawworks: Alta 3,000 hp, AC
Rotary Table: NOV 49.5″ Hydraulic Drive
Top Drive: NOV TDS-8SA 750 ton
Traveling Block: Cameron 750 ton, 6 Sheave
Drillers Cabin: Enclosed, Climate Controlled
Power Slips: Blohm &Voss PS750-2 for DP & CSG
Casing Stabbing: ODS Intl PSA-322 Mechanized Arm
Make up/Break out: Mechanized Roughneck – Forum WR-120
Handling Tools: Complete Set for Drill String
Off Line System: Mech. Roughneck & Bridge Crane
Tailing Arm: Mech. Arm for DP/CSG (optional)
Mechanized Catwalk: Mech. V-door for DP/CSG (optional)

Liquid Mud System: 7,623 bbls in vessel deckbox
Liquid Mud System: 2,860 bbls in vessel pontoons
Liquid Mud System: 180 bbls in Substructure & Trip Tanks
Trip Tanks: 2 x 50 bbls
Brine/Base Oil: 2,000-4,800 bbls in vessel pontoons
Drill Water: 14,050 bbls
Potable Water: 4,572 bbls
Diesel Fuel: 10,290 bbls
Bulk Volume: 20,906 ft3
Sack Storage: 5,500 sacks

Mud Pumps: Cameron 3 x 2,000 hp x 7,500 psi fluid ends
Shale Shakers: 5 x MiSwaco (one as mud cleaner)
Solids Control: optional
Solids Control: optional
Degasser: 1 x Burgess Magnavac 1,000 gpm

Main Engines: 5 x CAT 3516, 2,350 kW
Main Generators: 5 x AVK, 60 Hz, 690v
Standby Engine: 1 x CAT C32, 990 kW
Standby Generator: 1 x AVK, 60 Hz, 480v

Diverter Assy: 21-1/4” 2,000 psi working pressure, 12” valves & lines
Annular BOP: 18-3/4” 5,000 psi working pressure
Ram BOP: 18-3/4” 10,000 psi working pressure 3 Rams
Choke Manifold: 4” x 3” x 10,000 psi working pressure with remote & manual operated Chokes
BOP Control: Two Control Panels
BOP Handling: Twin Overhead Mechanized Hoist Units

Main Crane: Seatrax S126 Starboard Aft
Capacity: 171 Metric ton at 40 m radius

92 metric ton at 64 m radius

Aux Crane: Seatrax S72 Port Aft
Capacity: 45.5 metric ton at 9.00 m radius

9.36 metric ton at 50 m radius

Platform Access: Marine Aluminum telescopic bridge at Aft w/mech. luff & slew, 38m length +/- 7.5m stroke
Tubular Handling: Hi-line Transfer System

Drill Pipe: 8,000 m of 5-7/8”
HWDP: 300 m of 5-7/8”
Drill Collars: 30 x 6-3/4”, 24 x 8”, & 15 x 9-1/2” spiral
Pup Joints & Subs 1 lot for Contractors String
Handling Tools 1 lot for Contractors String
Fishing Tools: 1 lot for Contractors String

Rig Package Weights: 155 mt or less
Total Dead Weight: 1,516 metric ton
Substructure Foot Print: 46 ft x 66 ft (14m x 20.1m)

Operations Survival
Draft: 16.0 m 12.5 m
Wind Speed (10 min average): 23 m/s 31 m/s
Max Wave Height Hs: 8.4 m 15.2 m
Sig Wave Height Hs: 4.5 m 8.0 m
Average Wave Period Tz: 7.2 – 9.8 s 10.3 s
Current Speed, Surface: 1.0 m/s 1.26 m/s

Life Saving Primary: 4 x 70 man Davit Launch Life Boats
Life Saving Secondary: 14 x 25 man Inflatable Life Rafts
Life Saving Secondary: 1 x Fast Rescue Craft
Fire & Gas Detection: In accordance w/class
Fire Suppression: In accordance w/class
Medical Clinic: Furnished for 140 POB