[26-May-2015] Houston Flooding

On May 26, 2015 Houstonians woke up to their beloved city drowned in multiple inches of water from the recent floods that hit the state of Texas. As the community asked for support to those in need, Team Atlantica immediately gathered items that would help those who had lost nearly everything. The donations of cleaning products, diapers, water bottles, gift cards and beyond illustrated Atlantica’s compassion and solidarity to our neighbors, friends, and family effected by the flood. The special events committee coordinated the donation drive with a community team leader which was very well received:

“I am writing to express my deepest thanks for your recent donations to help the flood victims. Generous gifts from donors like you and your colleagues have really helped so many families. Your commitment to helping families that have been flooded in our community is sincerely appreciated. I am so touched by everybody’s generosity. I have dropped off cleaning items and gift cards to several families that have been brought to tears by the way the community has rallied around them and helped them in this difficult time. I cannot thank you enough for everything that y’all did. I am continuing to hand out cleaning supplies and I have passed the wipes and blankets to someone working with families of small children that have been affected by the flood. Thank you and Team Atlantica again for your generous support.

Best Wishes,

Alissa C Frenzel

Chair of Household Items”

Atlantica was proud to team up and commit to helping Houstonians effected by the flood. The organization looks forward to giving back to the community as the opportunity arises under any circumstance.

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